Kentucky: geography of the state, what to see

Trip to Kentucky to discover the area, moving between rolling hills and plains, rivers and parks.

Kentucky Travel Guide

Kentucky is part as a state of the United States of America and its capital is Frankfort. As for the boundaries it is bordered to the west by the Missouri, on the south by Tennessee, on the east by Virginia and West Virginia while to the north are Ohio, Illinois and Indiana with the Ohio River which traces the boundary.

One of its cities, Hodgenville, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Kentucky can identify five main geographical areas.

To the east is the Cumberland Plateau, which is characterized by a hilly and mountainous in the north-central region of the Bluegrass, which is mostly flat, in the center-south region of fertile Pennyroyal Plateau, north-west the Western Coal Fields, where there are some coal mines and where the terrain is steep but enough fertile land, In the far south-west of the Jackson Purchase located which is the part acquired in 1818 by Andrew Jackson by Indians Chicasaw.
Numerous rivers cross the territory of Kentucky, and on it is compeso also Lake Cumberland, which is the largest artificial lake located to the east of the Mississippi.

Among the most important navigable rivers of this state and the United States of America should be mentioned the Ohio, the Mississippi, the Big Sandy River, the Tennessee, the Cumberland and the Green River.

The forest areas are very large and some of them are used as natural parks. Frankfort, in addition to being the capital is also the county seat of Franklin and is geographically located in the Bluegrass region in the central part of the state.