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Travel Kodiak

Kodiak is the largest island in Alaska and the second-largest in the United States, is located in the Gulf of Alaska, is separated from the mainland by the Strait of American Selichov, and is part of the same name.

Its territory is largely occupied by low mountains covered by forests.

The rocky coast, rich in deep fjords and inlets, receives many types of water birds, the sea is rich in fish and marine mammals, the rivers are full of salmon, which from late August to late October date from the streams ending sometime thrown to the greedy Kodiak bears, a subspecies of brown bear large, that inhabit this island, along with deer, elk and other majestic animals.

Fishing is at the base of the economy of Kodiak, the fish is caught, processed and shipped worldwide. The easiest and fastest way to get around and reach the most remote places of the island is by seaplane, regarded around here half normal shipping, in addition to the aircraft and to the ferry.

Few and picturesque villages framed by landscapes of particular beauty are scattered on the island, whose main town is the city of Kodiak, located on a bay in the north-east of the commune.

The tourism sector is no exception, the charming nature of Kodiak is appreciable oriented excursions through the observation of wildlife, or by kayak trips, practicing the activity of fishing or hunting.