Kvarner (Croatia): trip to the islands in the Gulf of Kvarner

kvarner islands
kvarner islands

Tale of a boat trip to the islands of Kvarner, from Baska island of Krk, visit islands and impressions of travelers about the visit of the islands of this beautiful gulf of Croatia.

Holidays in Kvarner

Housed in Baska, capital of the island of Krk, in the excellent hotel Corinthia, a few meters from the sea, coming out on the first night on the boardwalk, we are approached by an employee of a shipping company, which proposes and explains in detail, in very convincingly, a mini cruise to visit the islands.

The tour includes the departure from the local pier the next morning at 9 am, returning to the 18, the price seems cheap, also includes lunch on board based on fish, we decided to accept. As established, the next day we embark on the ship Leonora used to this tourist service.

The weather is good, it had rained the night leaving horizons clean, ideal to take some great photographs. Plowing the waters of the Adriatic, the area corresponding to the Kvarner Bay, before we meet the deserted island of Prvic, continuing the islands Sv Grgur (San Gregorio), Goli (island Calva) and Rab (Rab).

Goli island is sadly remembered for the concentration camp that hosted from 1948 to 1988. This small rocky island, almost all devoid of vegetation, except for a part where you were made ​​to plant trees by the deported, he saw men and women private of all dignity, forced to work hard, beaten and humiliated because they considered opponents, certain and presumed, the Tito regime. Their journey began in Bakar, on the coast, where he boarded a ship, with three hours of night navigation reached the island of Goli.

Landed on the island were deprived of clothing, beaten and forced to walk barefoot on sharp stones and sharp island all the time of his imprisonment, the outcome for many fatal. It is estimated that about 30,000 inmates total, about 4,000 were killed there, even though their bodies were never found, even at sea, perhaps were burned. The jobs they held were of three kinds: the work of the quarry, the harder (the employees in this work had no shelter to rest, summer and winter were forced to live outdoors), then there was the production of furniture and the production of tiles grit (the employees in these tasks had the cells to rest, of very narrow spaces where fifteen people could lie down on the ground).

In summer, the amount of water to drink was allowed two drinks per day for person, who dared to complain, for whatever reason, was flogged. In the evening after a day of hard work, were shown films of political propaganda within a building and after the screening the hapless spectators were questioned about what they had seen and did not know whether to answer questions were again punished. Obviously health care did not exist, until they were interned on the island also common criminals. In 1956 they were moved to a part of the island women who until then were interned in prison on the island of Sv Grgur. Unfortunately many of them ended up being abused by guards.

Rab is famous for the beach San Marino, a splendid beach of the island, known commonly as the beach paradise. The sea in front of this beach is like a swimming pool, to swim you have to walk far in the shallows before finding a bit of depth.

Sv Grgur island: during the return trip we rode along the towering cliffs of the island, very beautiful, on which we also noticed two goats, who were at ease on the rock overlooking the sea. The hope was to see dolphins, which are located in this beautiful sea, but we met them, we hope the next time.