La Verna: visit the shrine, history, San Francisco

In the visit to the Sanctuary of La Verna, the impression is perceived to be in a distinctly mystical place that invites reflection and prayer each pilgrim.

Guide to the Sanctuary of La Verna

In Casentino rises Mount Penna, also known as Monte Penna de La Verna. The summit limestone, a relief (1,289 m above sea level) of the Tuscan located in the town of Chiusi della Verna in the province of Arezzo, was donated in 1213 by Count Orlando Catani of Chiusi to St. Francis of Assisi who spent a long period of solitude and prayer, during which, in 1224 at the height of a deep mystical experience, received the stigmata that made the sacred place.

The Franciscan Sanctuary of La Verna, located just below the summit of the mountain, was born and has its roots in this fascinating and mysterious historical event.

Coming from the back of the convent, we enter a square where there is the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, built in 1216, the Museum of the Sanctuary and the church Maggiore (sec. XIV-XV).

Through a corridor you reach the church of the Stigmata, dating back to 1263, built where St. Francis received the stigmata. You can also visit the cave which was the cell of St. Francis, with the stone bed and Sasso Spicco, huge rock protruding beneath which the Holy abode.

The Sanctuary of La Verna, in addition to being a sacred place in a landscape of great natural interest, of importance from the point of view of art, as there are valuable collections of Della Robbia terracotta besides frescoes and other works of art.