Las Vegas: what to do and see, attractions in the city of sin

Travel Guide Las Vegas, what to see and do in the colorful city of the United States dubbed the city of sin or vice.

Travel Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of Nevada in the United States, the county seat of Clark, full of light and color. The name originates from a Spanish word that translated into Italian has the meaning of The Meadows as in the area there were several water wells that they had intended to keep alive the green areas of the area.

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert, which is why the landscape is arid, with little vegetation. The climate is affected by territorial conditions that make it very hot in summer, with maximum temperatures of about 40 ° C., the rains are scarce throughout the year.

Attractions Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its main attractions, destined mainly for the entertainment and purchases in stores. Among the interesting things to see in Las Vegas within the casinos, which make this city the queen of gambling.

Also this city is also famous for the ease with which you can celebrate weddings. To obtain a license it does not even need the documents, just a self-certification and then in less than 15 minutes the ceremony, paying a fee that varies depending on the package chosen.