Loire Valley, what to visit in traveling between the castles

Organize holidays around the Loire Valley with magnificent castles once the summer residence of the kings, in this region of northern France north.

Guide Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a beautiful region of northern France where there are famous resorts, rocky coasts and wild landscapes. There are numerous historical monuments and cities rich in history including Nantes, a city with many architectural, Angers and Saumur.

Do not miss the castles of the Loire and the Abbey of Fontevraud. Loire castles are called castles found in the Loire Valley, and in the valleys of some of its tributaries geographically in the central northern France.
If there are more than 300, and they were all built from the tenth century onwards as a summer residence of French kings who, taking with him his court, they needed large areas such as branches of power outside of Paris.

But in the sixteenth century the king Francis I decided to return to concentrate power in Paris and why some important architects who had settled in the Loire Valley decided to leave. It was after the settlement to the power of Louis XIV, who in the mid-seventeenth century the French capital won the definitive role of supreme headquarters with the construction of the Castle of Versailles.

Today some of the castles of the Loire are still visible, at least in part. Among them we must remember the Castle of Chenonceau, which is surely one of the most beautiful castles in the world located a short distance from the village of Chenonceaux, Chambord Castle which is a Renaissance masterpiece of enormous size, the Blois Castle which was the residence of many French kings and I was blessed Joan of Arc. Of great artistic value are also the castles of Chaumont, Amboise and Angers.