Los Angeles: what to see in the city of angels

What to see in Los Angeles, where he is, climate, economy, how to get, attractions and main monuments, what to do and itinerary of places to visit.

Guide Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city located in California in the United States, along the west coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a limited plain enclosed in the north and east by mountains that protect it from cold north winds.

It is called the City of Angels from the name of the church dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels Catholic place of worship dating back to the seventeenth century where the colonial architecture is intertwined with the Byzantine style wisely.

The climate is Mediterranean, so mild d ‘winter and breezy in summer with rainfall concentrated mainly in the winter months.

Thanks to the increase of agricultural production and industrial development in many areas, this city has seen in recent times a significant increase in population and a territorial extension that led to assimilate the districts of Santa Monica and Redondo Beach, renowned seaside resorts .
Flights to Los Angeles are insured by many airlines, which carry the service from airports located in major cities worldwide.

Hollywood is one of the districts belonging to Los Angeles, thriving city in California in the US, most famous for being the most important center in the world in terms of cinematic creations.

The landscape is characterized by low buildings spread over wide avenues including the famous Sunset Boulevard and Wiltshire Boulevard.

It houses several theaters for the filming of movies and many homes, especially on the hills of Beverly Hills, inhabited by celebrities from the film world including especially actors, directors and film producers.