Los Roques holidays trip coral archipelago in the Caribbean

Guide Los Roques, holiday archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea, with its mild climate all year round and white sand beaches.

Tourism Los Roques

Los Roques is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea, 160 kilometers north from the port of Caracas in Venezuela. E ‘consists of about 50 coral islands and over 200 between sandbars and islands, protected by a long reef and surrounded by a beautiful lagoon of crystal clear water.

For the protection of the great variety of bird species that inhabit the reef, the beauty of the seabed and the richness of life that populates this sea of ​​changing colors, from 1972 Los Roques was declared a National Park by the Venezuelan government.

The islands are mostly uninhabited, except Gran Roque, the main island where there is a village, and four islands where they live some fishermen. And ‘prohibited the construction of hotels, so the only possibility of accommodation are the posadas, fishermen’s houses transformed into cozy accommodation, where the owner, usually foreign often Italian, lives and provides the service of accommodation and catering.

The climate is characterized by Elysees and the average rainfall is very low, even during the wettest months, from late October to early December rainfall is very low. The average temperature ranges between 26 ° C in January to 28 ° C in September.

The beautiful white sand beaches that stretch on the many islands can be reached by boat from Gran Roque, where are the posadas, the sea journey lasts 10 minutes to reach the islands pià nearby, for 1 hour and a half to get those farther away.

Many islands are a protected and you can not visit them. In Los Roques can be reached only by plane or private boat, on the island of Gran Roque is a runway landing strip used only during the day because it is not illuminated.