Louisiana: travel guide, climate, economy, what to visit

Itinerary to visit the Lousiana, starting from the territory, climate and economy of the state in the US.

Louisiana Travel Guide

Louisiana is one of the states that make up the United States, bordering Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and bordered in the south by the Gulf of Mexico.

The territory consists of a hilly landscape of woods and meadows, located to the north and northeast, and a flat area south originated by river floods and located along the Mississippi River that runs through the state from north to south to emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

The climate is sub-tropical with high humidity and frequent rain fenomenti. Are very devastating hurricanes that occur on average to sixty times in a year and there are tornadoes that hit about twenty-seven times a year.
As for the economy of Louisiana, in the agricultural sector we mainly cotton plantations, potatoes, soybeans and rice, while in the industrial sector dominated industries related to woodworking, chemical, engineering, food and oil.

Among the underground resources there are deposits of natural gas, oil and sulfur. Good level is fishing which mainly shellfish and oysters.

What to visit in Louisiana

– Baton Rouge is the capital and is the capital of the East Baton Rouge Parish home of the main campus of Louisiana State University and Southern University.

– New Orleans is famous worldwide and has the largest number of inhabitants, with a developed industrial sector, a naval port and a lot of culture, especially in the field of music, food and carnival. Geographically this US city is located on the banks of the Mississippi River just 160 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico.