Lyon: what to see and do, visit the old town in a day

What to see in this ancient city founded by the Romans in France, situated where the rivers Saone and Rhone meet.

Travel Guide Lyon

Situated at the confluence of the Saone and the Rhone, Lyon is the capital of the department of the Rhone and the second city of France. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Lyon was founded by the Romans in 43 BC, on the Fourvière hill are the Roman Amphitheatre, which in summer is now home theater, and the interesting Musée de la Civilitation Gallo-Romaine, testifying to the distant origins of the city.

What to see in Lyon in a day

The hill is dominated by the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, built in sec. XIX, which is an ideal place to enjoy the view over the city.
At the foot of the hill is the area Medieval and Renaissance, the Vieux Lyon, with the Cathedral of Saint Jean, built in the twelfth century. and the sixteenth century. Romanesque and Gothic. A feature of Lyon are the traboules, covered passageways crossing the houses and the courts to join the two sides of the streets.

The word comes from the Latin trans-ambulare from which is derived the French verb trabouler, translated into Italian to move sideways and from it the name traboule.

In Park’s Tete d’Or, an extensive green area where you can walk quietly, you can find a lake and a zoo. To make purchases, or simply to watch, we recommend a visit to the covered market town where local products are sold, there are also breweries and ristorianti soddisvare for its food needs.

The choice of museums to visit is extensive, fine arts, contemporary art, textiles, decorative arts, puppets and many more. Going to Lyon in December, it is worth to attend the Festival of Lights, a popular event during which became dark, are evocatively lit all the monuments, bridges and buildings in the city.