Mahdia (Tunisia): what to see, where to sleep, beaches

mahdia tunis
mahdia tunis

Holidays in Mahdia, where are the white beaches and there’s a lot to see here.

Guide Mahdia

Mahdia is a city of Tunisia located on a small peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea, in the far south of the Gulf of Hammamet. Mahdia has been important fishing port since ancient times, is a popular seaside resort with beautiful beaches of fine white sand and clear sea.

In the resort area, called Nouvelle zone touristique and kind in the district of Hibun, there are many hotels, resort with a wide tourist offer.

Things to do in Mahdia

The city, founded in 916 by the Fatimids, has an illustrious history. At time of Fatimids it was built the Great Mosque, which we can still admire, even if the original was destroyed by Spanish troops in 1554 and the current is a faithful reconstruction dating back to 1965.

On one side of the beautiful tree-lined square of Place du Caire is the Mustapha Hamza Mosque built in 1772. Of the imposing fortification of the Fatimids, the front door called Skifa el-Kahla is the only original building that remains of the ancient city, plus some remains of the palace of the Caliph al-Qa’im bi-amr Allah.

The charming fortress Borj el-Kebir, of XVI century, dominates the peninsula and next to it are the remains of old port, the fishermen’s cemetery and a lighthouse. Do not miss a visit to the medina, characterized by lively and assorted indoor souk, to learn about the customs and traditions of the locals.