Mal di Ventre: hiking, how to get, beaches

Useful island Mal di Ventre, where it is, spatial extent and type of vegetation, geological, fauna and archaeological remains, how to reach it.

Guide island Mal di Ventre

Island Mal di Ventre and the rock of Catalan are found in the sea west of the Sinai Peninsula, a peninsula of Sardinia and central-western part of’ marine protected area Sinis Mal di Ventre. The island, which belongs to the Municipality of Cabras in Oristano province, has a limited area of land, slightly above the square kilometer.

It is considered by many an earthly paradise of rare beauty, devoid of towns and covered by low scrub made ​​of cistus, mastic, rosemary and tamarisks, populated only by animals.

Mal di Ventre is granitic, its highest point is 18 meters above sea level, is made ​​up of rocks eroded by the wind, molded into various shapes by the force of nature, from small and lovely beaches, from a low vegetation because of the incessant mistral wind blowing, and it is surrounded by crystal clear from the bottom very beautiful, with a great variety of fish, turtles and shellfish.

There are also many birds that stop or nest on the island. In addition, the island contains interesting archaeological evidence about a human settlement era nuragica.

To reach the island, you can do it with a boat own or rental, or shuttle service is available in the summer months with some runs daily round trip.