Manchester: what to see, monuments, museums, Town Hall

Holidays in Manchester, what to see, monuments and one day itinerary, travel guide to the main attractions to visit.

Travel Guide Manchester

Located in England, Manchester is located in the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester, on the banks of the River Irwell, where the two smaller rivers, Irk and Medlock, flow into it. Around the middle of the eighteenth century, Manchester underwent a remarkable transformation, from small agricultural and manufacturing sectors, where he practiced already weaving of wool and flax, became a city mainly specialized in the textile manufacturing industry, thanks to the advent of steam-powered neighbors from coal deposits and substantial supplies of cotton from America, elements that helped make Manchester a city symbol of the industrial revolution. One of the most famous works of Friedrich Engels, which concerned the condition of the working class in England, was written by the German philosopher during his stay in the city.

The crisis of the textile industry of the twentieth century, did not prevent Manchester to reach important goals in other areas, such as the creation of the first computers, which took place at his university, thanks to Alan Turing, a great mathematician considered one of the fathers of computer science.

Today in Manchester were made ​​redevelopments, as the port area of the docks of Salford Quays, along the ship canal, there are also museums and art galleries very interesting, not to mention, in sports, his two famous teams football, namely Manchester United FC, who play at Old Trafford, and Manchester City, who plays the Etihad Stadium.

What to visit in Manchester

Town Hall, a magnificent building in Victorian Gothic style, the town hall.

Central Library, an elegant mansion built in 1934, located behind Town Hall, the seat of the municipal library.

Museum of Science and Industry, is the largest museum in the city, dedicated to the development of science, technology and industry.

Football museum is a museum dedicated to football, which houses memorabilia related to the sport, as well as interactive multimedia installations.

Art Gallery, Gallery is the largest city, is home to many works by British artists and Europeans.

John Rylands Library, prestigious library founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband John Rylands. It is located in a building that is a fine example of Victorian Gothic.

Greater Manchester Police Museum, is located on the premises of an old Victorian police station, you can visit the prisons, the court in 1895 and examine the cases of people who have been here recluse.

Imperial War Museum North shows a large collection of artifacts relating to the major conflicts of the twentieth century, in a special room of the museum are projected movies that convey to the visitor, in a realistic way, the effects of the tragic war.