Marsa Matrouh Hotels: what to visit, excursions, beaches

cleopatra-beach marsa matrouh egypt
cleopatra-beach marsa matrouh egypt

Holidays in Marsa Matrouh, what to do in the town of Egypt, interesting excursions in the surrounding area.

Guide Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matrouh overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, and is the last important urban center before the border with Libya. Surrounded by a landscape of extraordinary beauty and characterized by paradisiacal beaches of white sand, lapped by the waters of the sea traspaenti, Marsa Matrouh is the ideal place to spend a few days immersed in nature.

A military airport to reach this place where arose various structures whose management is entrusted to reputable tour operator. Near the town are very nice beaches lapped by the crystal clear sea, as the beach of Cleopatra, where the erosion of the waves created a hollow in the limestone formation, creating a beautiful natural pool, which according to legend was used by the famous Queen to bathe together beloved Mark Antony.

A stay in Marsa Matrouh type resort also offers the possibility to make interesting trips to Alexandria, to Siwa oasis located on the border with Libya, and El Alamein, where the war museum and the Italian military memorial, which commemorates the sad events of the war that took place in this region, the scene of battles between the axis between Germany and Italy and the British Army during the Second World War.