Marzamemi: what to see, fishermen village, bay of doves

What to see in Marzanemi, where the picturesque fishing village, itinerary of places to visit, fishermen’s houses, the church of the trap and San Lorenzo beach.

Guide Marzamemi

Marzamemi is a small fishing village in the province of Syracuse in Sicily, washed by the Ionian Sea. The name derives from the Marsà hamem which means Bay of Doves, as the area pass these birds during migration. Marzamemi, which presents corners very suggestive, since the time of the Arab domination has a trap, once among the most important of Sicily, which has always revolved around the entire life of the village.

In 1630 the family Nicolaci Villadorata bought the right to decline the trap by a Spanish nobleman, he made ​​then entrusting the work to improve the buildings in good carpenters from Avola and from Syracuse, who were residents in Marzameni. In 1752 the palace were built, the church of the trap and renovated houses of the fishermen.

The Church of the trap, built in sandstone like the other buildings of the village, overlooking the Piazza Regina Margherita and is dominated by residence, sagging and silent, the Prince of Villadorata. This religious building, damaged during the Second World War, is dedicated to the patron saint San Francesco di Paola, as well as the new church opened in 1948 and built with a grant from the Prince of Villadorata, which gave the statues that were in the church oldest of his property.

The natural harbors of Marzamemi are the Balata and Fossa. At the port of Balata are the Old Factory, where they produced the ice, and an ancient house now in ruins, called Casa Hood, with three of the four facades facing the sea. The beach of San Lorenzo is well known for its fine sand, so clear that it seems white, the sea water is clear and transparent in its vicinity is Vendicari, a nature reserve where there are groups of pink flamingos in stop periodically during migratory passages.