Massaciuccoli: visit the park oasis and the Roman villa

News for visiting Massaciuccoli, where it is, the surrounding landscape, what to see, historical references, Roman villa and walking trail in marsh areas with observation of rare birds.

Guide Massaciuccoli

The town of Massaciuccoli, located in the town of Camaiore in the province of Lucca in Tuscany, surrounded by olive trees and overlooking the lake, offers a fascinating natural environment and interesting evidence of human presence dating back to the Etruscan and Roman period.

The area stretches along the eastern shore of the lake, in front of the Tower of the lake, whose name is linked to that of the great composer Giacomo Puccini, who lived and composed many of his famous operas. Coming down the hill toward the lake, meet the remains of a Roman villa in the prestigious Imperial Age and down along the way road the remains of a post.

At the lake, residue of a large lagoon formed between the Arno and the Serchio over 5000 years ago, through the wooden walkways you can go into the park oasis, for walking around the marsh areas surrounding and observe closely, through the appropriate observation points also useful for taking pictures, rare species of birds that nest here.