Memphis: what to see, attractions and places to visit in the surrounding area

What to see at Memphis, attractions and places to visit in this town in Sicily in the province of Agrigento and its surroundings in the Belice valley.

Memphis Attractions

The town is about 100 kilometers from the capital, and is placed on the hills about 3 kilometers from the coast. In 1638 came the first urban settlement of Memphis as feudal property baronial. The founder was Don Diego Pignatelli Aragona Tagliavias who took charge of the construction of the village and made you reach families from Sciacca, Sambuca, Partanna, S. Ninfa and Alcamo, to allow an increase of the population. The place where arose Memphis, in the land of Burgimilluso, has been inhabited since prehistoric times, some graves and an acropolis of a community forest and pasture in the late Bronze Age, were found near the mouth of the river Belice, in locations Montagnoli.

In the late Roman period there was already a settlement in the area of ​​the old town, and after the conquest of Sicily from the Muslims there was the colony of Muslim Burgiomilluso, suburb of good and plenty of water, which became one of the agricultural colonies the richest in the area. Around 1239 the Emperor Frederick II built a castle, of which today remains only a tower, which was destroyed by the earthquake of 1968 was reconstructed by tracing the ancient volumes and incorporating in the new structure of the remains of the base ‘ ancient tower.

Places to visit in and around Memphis

The city has an urban century checkerboard characterized by wide paths and courtyards, with additions dating from the XVIII-XIX centuries. The earthquake of 1968 that destroyed the Belice Valley, caused considerable damage to the city and a part of his town was transferred to a new settlement further north. Memphis, keeping in time its characteristics of a rural village, is known for its wine production which is dedicated to the important event called Inycon, Memphis and its wine. Do not underestimate the importance of tourism to the interesting archaeological zones and for the seaside resort of Porto Palo and the entire coastline.

The coast of Sicily Memphis extends the coastline extending from Cape Granitola to Cape San Marco, where the beach has low with wide white sandy beaches and coastal dunes shaped by the wind of Africa. Silent on the coast and lapped by the clear sea, which was awarded by the FEE Italy blue flag, overlooking the fishing village of Porto Palo, an ancient port of the Greeks of Selinunte. Environment of great natural and scenic interest, the Natural Reserve Foce del Belice, which extends between Marinella di Selinunte and Porto Palo, confirms the importance.