Miami: what to do and see in the city of Florida

What to visit in Miami, places you must see and what to do in this city of Florida in the United States, with beautiful beaches.

Places to see in Miami

Situated on the south-eastern United States, the state of Florida, Miami enjoys a favorable climate for most of the year, especially for this reason, is a much sought after tourist destination.

Its beaches are known throughout the world and much photographed, used especially by photographers of the modeling agencies for their photo shoots.

The city has welcomed many immigrants, especially Cubans, arrived en masse after the Revolution of 1959 and is the most spoken language Spanish than English.

Things to Do in Miami

A very nice place is the Art Deco district, built in the ’20s for its houses pastel color, with palm trees and flowers that make the atmosphere very pleasant.
This district is located in the southwest of Miami Beach, which is located off the coast of the city of Miami, on an island reached by the Intracoastal Waterway, (a spectacular highway on the water).

In addition to Miami Beach, are to visit other neighborhoods such as Downtown: the city center, which is home to the Little Havana Cuban exiles, Coral Gables, with beautiful villas, and Coconut Grove.

An interesting visit would be to the Natural Park of the Everglades, the kingdom of alligators, not far from Miami.

The Florida Keys are located south of Miami, and are a group of tropical islands linked together by the legendary State and Miami that offers an exceptional panorama.

The last island is Key West, famous because there lived Ernest Hemingway, accessible by bus with about 5 hours of travel or by flight.