Midnight Sun, phenomenon and where you see

The midnight sun is an astronomical phenomenon of particular interest regarding the territories situated beyond the Arctic Circle.

Midnight sun at the North Cape

In northern Norway, the northern tip of the island of Magerya, is the North Cape, which is famous for being the northernmost point of mainland Europe and is one of the favorite destinations of tourists who love adventure travel.

It is a promontory overlooking the sea for a ‘height of just over three hundred meters, where in the summer in the period from May to June, due to the inclination of the axis of rotation of the earth, the sun never sets ever, giving rise to what is called the midnight sun, and in winter for over two months remains night.

In the winter, but only in some areas of the Antarctic Circle, the opposite phenomenon occurs which is called the polar night. The midnight sun often affects on the human body causing disordered behaviors and states of anxiety in people more susceptible.