Milano Marittima holidays butterfly house, Stella Maris

Holidays in Milano Marittima, a popular tourist town on the Adriatic coast, situated on the Adriatic coast in the town of Cervia.

Guide Milano Marittima

The neighboring countries are respectively north and south of Lido di Savio Cervia, whose spas are set in a large natural park including the stretch of road between the two locations.

This park is also the Butterfly House, playing the same ecosystem of tropical rainforests to host many species of butterflies.

The place name reveals the strong link with the environment in Milan, to whom we owe the development of this important seaside resort.

In the early years of the twentieth century was made an agreement between the City of Cervia and an important Milanese family so in exchange for a large area of ​​shipwrecks were built villas, parks and gardens, in order to achieve a settlement and tourist resort in compliance livability of the environment and the green.

Thus began the development of this cozy resort is now able to offer an extraordinary receptivity made of excellent hotels, restaurants, equipped bathing establishments, bars, clubs, pubs and more.

In Milano Marittima is the Stella Maris church, built between 1959 and 1970 by the Franciscan Fathers of the time, is dedicated to Our Lady whose cult is a popular tradition of long standing.

Designed by Carmelo drone, this building is a modern structure where the facade is dominated by glass windows of the inputs. During the summer, every Friday are staged organ concerts of famous musicians that attract lovers of sacred music and symphonic.