Minnesota: what to see, attractions between plains, lakes and forests

What to see in Minnesota, attractions and places to visit in this state of the United States of America, including landscapes of plains, lakes and forests.

Minnesota Attractions

Minnesota is one of the states of the United States, located in the north central United States of America, and is bordered by Canada, North Dakota and South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Very rich in lakes also owns several rivers including the Minnesota and Mississippi, also the area is characterized by different landscapes have vast plains to the south and west with plenty of predominantly coniferous forests and lush green forests in the remainder.
Being far from the ocean Minnesota has a continental climate with cold winters for cold air currents from the north to which it is exposed. There are considerable variations in temperature by moving from north to south.

Places to visit in Minnesota

– Saint Paul is the capital with the traditional architectures fairly well preserved despite the spread of modern skyscrapers. Where Goodness Inspire Greatness is the motto of the city means that where the quality inspires greatness.

– Minneapolis is in the order of magnitude the largest city in the state and along with Saint Paul as the metropolitan area of the Twin Cities or twin cities, located on opposite sides of the Mississippi. Within the urban area there are 24 lakes, resulting in plenty of water, which made ​​her famous also as the city of lakes. The name originates from the union of the term mni, that language Dakota meaning water, and polis, which in greek means city.