Missouri: traveling in the state in the Midwest, what to see

Travel Missouri, history, territory and climate, what to see in the state of the US with capital Jefferson City.

Missouri Travel Guide

Missouri is a state that belongs to the federation of the United States located in the Midwest, has for capital Jefferson City even though the city is greater Kansas City and is crossed by the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, tributary of the latter first. The Missouri was included in the union of the United States of America in 1821, after having belonged to France as a colony. Constituted in the past a first point of settlement for all those wishing to settle in the West of the US and why nicknamed Gateway to the West.

And ‘one of the two states in the US to have even eight neighboring states including Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. The Mississippi River traces the eastern border while the Missouri, which cuts across from west to east, connecting the two cities of Kansas City and Saint Louis.

In the northern part of the Missouri River lie the Northern Plains that are joined with those of the Iowa and Nebraska, creating an almost totally flat. Another feature is the flat area of ​​the Ozark plateau that occupies much of the south of the Missouri up to Arkansas and of which the town is greater Springfield.
To the southeast lies Bootheel or heel of the boot that is the part with the lower altitude and largely covered by plain belonging to the basin of the Mississippi. This area is typically affected by many rains, and on several occasions has been the epicenter of many destructive earthquakes including one that took place in New Madrid of 1812.

The state of Missouri is usually considered Midwestern state although largely could be a state of the South. The reason for this subtlety is that the major urban areas are located in the Midwest, while the southern part is predominantly agricultural and located in a territory which geographically belong to the US South.

The local climate of the part of the territory to the north is wet type and continental, with very cold winters and hot summers then. To the south the climate is subtropical. Since there are neither large mountains nor major water masses phenomena rainy summer and winter are due to large cold air masses coming of the Arctic and the hot air coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

In winter snows often and more bits of rain are concentrated between the months of March and June in which they occur often even tornadoes. Located at the confluence of the Kansas River in Missouri right on the border between the state of Missouri and Kansas, Kansas City includes the counties of Jackson, Clay, Cass and Platte.