Mljet: what to see, national park Mljet island Croatia

mljet monastery island great lake
mljet monastery island great lake

What to see in Mljet Island particular characteristics, which make it one of the most beautiful of Croatia with the National Park Mljet.

Mljet Dalmatia

Mljet island in Croatia is located in Southern Dalmatia near the Peljesac Peninsula. Presents a virtually unspoiled nature, with a territory almost entirely covered by forests, and for this protected area classified as a natural park.

Mljet island is 37 km long that you can traverse along a scenic road in about 55 minutes by car. The interior landscape is mountainous, with forests that degrade very slowly toward a sea renowned for its clear water. The coast is almost entirely rocky, there are only a few small sandy beaches in the south and east of the island.

What to see in Mljet

Interesting are the remains of a Roman villa of the third-fourth century that can be admired in Porto Palace and are testimony of the first Roman settlement on this island; also on an island in the middle of the Great Lake is a monastery dedicated to St. Mary of Mljet.

Were also found some traces of early Christian churches whose ultimate destruction dates back to the Middle Ages took place along with the cancellation of the entire inhabited village. Some interpretations of Biblical passages would have you believe that the Apostle Paul is shipwrecked here. In particular, in the Acts of the Apostles, it is said the sinking of the saint in a sea which is believed to be just the Adriatic Sea.

National Park Mljet

In the north-west of the island, this park is very important from the point of view of nature, classified national since 1960. The vegetation is very diverse, characterized by forests in the southern sea creeps into the earth creating two salt lakes rich in shells, mussels, clams and oysters.

Also in Mljet National Park, where the paved road, which allows you to visit it in part with the autombile, begins a shaded path, immersed in the classic Mediterranean vegetation, along which you can go down to the sea at various points, make a toning bath and relax in the sun on the rocks, in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility surrounded by nature.