Modica: what to see, monuments and places to visit

What to see in Modica, monuments and interesting places to visit in one of the most picturesque towns of Sicily in the province of Ragusa.

Guide to Modica

The oldest urban center of the city is Modica Alta, which is perched on the rocks of the hill between the mouths of two rivers, while in the valley rises Modica Bassa, where once two rivers flowed into the Well of Pruni and Iannu Mauru to form the Modicano , whose bed was covered due to the devastating floods that occurred in the early twentieth century.

In place of the old river bed grows Corso Umberto I, the town’s main street, lined with important architectural and artistic elements. Modica Sorda is the new part of the city, where there are various businesses. The town has ancient origins, about its location and its territory characterized by numerous caves, where they overlapped all civilizations since the Neolithic age.

At about 15 km from the current city of Modica is Cava d’Ispica, a narrow river valley that descends to the sea between steep cliffs, caves and ravines where guard prehistoric necropolis, Christian catacombs, oratories, hermitages and monasteries of residential areas various types. In the historical center of Modica is the necropolis of Quartiriccio, dating back to 2200 BC, in excellent condition.

What to see in Modica

The Baroque style, made with the reconstruction took place after the earthquake of 1693, characterizes this charming town, we can see some examples by visiting one of the finest examples of Sicilian Baroque, the beautiful Cathedral of St. George, located at the top of a grand staircase, or the Church of the Help, built in 1630, when the Jesuits at the behest of the Countess of Modica Vittoria Colonna, arrived in the city, founding schools and service centers.

Attached to the church is the Palazzo degli Studi, who released degrees already in sec. XVII, currently houses the High School. The Church of San Pietro also preceded by an imposing staircase, the Church of the Carmine, one of the oldest ecclesiastical architecture of the city. Near the church of St. Peter and the staircase leading to the castle is the small church of St. Nicholas less, a very interesting example of mountain architecture.

In the upper part of Modica on a rocky outcrop are the remains of the castle, interesting place in terms of archaeological and great vantage point. A high Modica is also the cathedral of St. John, which rises to the top of a long and elegant staircase, the cross fixed the height of the spire is the highest point of the city. From the gastronomic point of view, Modica is famous for chocolate, taste very original, produced following an ancient Aztec recipe.