Molara: excursion to the island, how to do, what to see

Excursion to the island of Molara, general information, how do you get, what to see and how to book a visit.

Tourist guide Island Molara

The island of Molara is located northeast of Sardinia, is part together Tavolara Island, the peninsula of Punta Coda Cavallo, Moralotto and other minor rocks of a protected marine park. The island of granitic is covered by the typical Mediterranean and reaches the highest point with 158 m Punta la Guardia.

In the eastern part of the island of Molara has a difficult terrain with high and rocky coasts, Punta Levante and Punta Scirocco, while in the west are coves with small beaches within easy reach, and Cala Cala Spanish Church.
Molara is a private island where it is allowed access to the coast, but to visit the interior, you should obtain permission from the caretaker’s island.

Near Cala Church are the remains of a small church in the Romanesque style with a single nave dedicated to Pope Pontian martyr, exiled to this island in the third century AD. Near the Church emerge the ruins of other structures, including those relating to a monastery of nuns, whose existence is attested in the fifteenth century, but in the next century the building was reduced to a state of ruin, because of frequent pirate raids .

On the top of the island, in a strategic position, is located a small fortified complex.