Monaco of Bavaria beer festival Octoberfest

monaco of bavaria
monaco of bavaria

The Oktoberfest beer festival Monaco of Bavaria, which is held annually in this city of Germany, is based on specially prepared beers.

Oktoberfest beer festival

The Oktoberfest is a popular festival, a grand event that takes place every year in Monaco of Bavaria, Germany, between late September and early October, for a period of two weeks. The event takes place in an area called Theresienwiese, or more commonly of Wiesn, which means the lawn, in the Bavarian dialect. The main local breweries prepare specially for Oktoberfest beer special, slightly darker and stronger, to supply its “Bierzelte” (beer tents), all set up and decorated in a different way, ready to welcome thousands of people each. Visitors over the beer can also consume food in quantities such as hot dogs, sausages, chicken and roast beef.

Each hall is an orchestra that usually plays traditional music, so you can eat, drink and sing together. The festival opens when the Mayor of Monaco opens the first barrel of beer, planting a tap with a hammer in the barrel and uttering the famous phrase O’zapft is! (In Bavarian dialect, “You uncorked!”). At the opening ceremony is also held a parade entrance of the hosts, the operators of the amusement park, brewers with the coaches, and the orchestras of the maids of the stands above a horse-drawn carts.
In addition, the first Sunday of the weekend takes place on the streets of the center of Monaco, the parade of traditional costumes and marksmen (shooters), a picturesque and festive parade about the customs and traditions Bavarian, and also of other German regions. A great concert of all orchestras hosted in the halls of Oktoberfest is held the second Sunday of the weekend. The first Oktoberfest was held in Monaco 12 to 17 October 1810 on the occasion of the marriage of Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

The party ended with a horse race and since then the lawn was renamed Theresienwiese in honor of the princess. The event was very successful and was repeated in subsequent years with the addition of an agricultural show, music, folk dancing and fun fair. Even today this Feast of Agriculture is repeated every three years in conjunction with the Oktoberfest, while the horse race is not taken over. However since then did the Oktoberfest and was suspended only during the two world wars, epidemics or other problems.