Monte Castellazzo: trekking of Christ thinking Trentino

Trekking of the Thinking Christ is a route that Allows to explore this isolated mountain, surrounded by pastures and breathtaking panoramic views including the Pale di San Martino.

Trekking thinking of Christ

Mount Castellazzo is located in a protected area of ​​the Park of Panaveggio-Pale di San Martino, surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of the mountain scenery. The peak reaches 2333 meters above sea level, and its sides still retain the walkways and the remains of the Great War, when the mountain was a stronghold in Italian territory conquered by the Austrians.

The trekking excursion to Mount Castellazzo starts from Baita Segantini, reachable by step rolle via a shuttle bus or walk along the path that goes from the Capanna Cervino for a journey time of about 1 hour.

From Baita Segantini is path R01 Castellazzo Trekking thinking of Christ, through vast meadows and deep canyons, with views of the Pale di San Martino, Val Venegia and Marmolada. The path proceeds in plain and slightly downhill until you reach the scree subassemblies, where the right path continues uphill for about 100 meters, before reaching a section plane, along which looking at the bottom right you can see the remains of the First World War.

At the end of the flat section, the trail becomes a mule track and the climb is quite steep for the first 200 meters, and then continues less steeply through hairpin turns, until it turns back on the trail.

The climb continues and at the end of a long lawn leads to a saddle with a gallery, where you meet a path into disuse, rising through the scree. We proceed to the right passing in front of a ruin of war. Here the climb ends and leaving the trail near the hairpin continue for about 200 meters and then turn right and reach the statue of Christ the Thinking of the dolomites.

The statue of the Thinking Christ is located on top of Mount Castellazzo since June 2009, and has been realized thanks to the cooperation between the APT Val di Fiemme, the APT San Martino di Castrozza, Passo Rolle and Vanoi and the Park Authority Paneveggio Pale di San Martino.

The sculptor of Predazzo Lauton Paul is the author of the work, while the creator is the Nordic Walking instructor Pino Dellasega. The statue, white marble Predazzo also called Predazzite, weighs 20 tons is high about 180 cm., And Christ is sitting on a rock that is thinking. The crown of thorns placed on his head was made of barbed wire used during the Great War, took part on Mount Castellazzo and partly Malga Valazza to Passo del Valles.

Under the Christ thinking, in a special glass case are kept the symbols of the holiest places of the World: spring water of Lourdes, the Lake of Gethsemane, the earth and the stones of Jerusalem, the Colosseum place of martyrdom of many Christians , of Chestochova, San Giovanni Rotondo and Pietrelcina, and the oak of the Cova da Iria in Fatima.

On the base of the statue was placed a plaque with the inscription that includes this quote from Mother Tera Calcutta: “Find the time to think, is the time to pray, find time to smile.” From the place where she was a statue, continuing on the path to the left, you reach the summit where is the cross.

The route offers interesting insights for meditation and beautiful panoramic views on the Pale di San Martino, the group Adamello Brenta and the Lagorai chain.
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