Monteriggioni: what to see, visit the village near Siena

What to see in Monteriggioni, visit the ancient Tuscan village surrounded by walls a few miles from Siena with the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.

Guide Monteriggioni

In the Tuscan hills of the province of Siena stands Monteriggioni, an ancient village surrounded by walls with towers and two gates. The towers were originally 15, today there are only 11 visible as the other 4 were sbassate to the level of the walls.

Once there was a walkway that ran through the top of the walls for the entire perimeter, today we can see only a small part rebuilt from where you can enjoy a wonderful view, a typical example of the Tuscan hills.

Things to do in Monteriggioni

As we said access doors are two, namely the door Franca, facing Siena, San Giovanni and the door that looks rather Florence. If you enter the door Franca leads immediately to the streets in Rome, which is the main village, originally dirt today paved with stone quarries of Rosia.

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta was built in 1219 in Romanesque Gothic. The interior has a nave, presents typical vaults with residues of the old trusses, while the apse is square with a cross vault, where there is a wooden choir noteworthy due to the sixteenth century.

Also note the two tabernacles of the fifteenth century, the painting of the Madonna of the artist Lippo Vanni, the wooden crucifix and the bell that was donated to the town in 1298 by the city of Siena. The façade is finished in sandstone and travertine of various colors, with a portal surmounted by a bow and decorated with brick details, while the bell tower is the eighteenth century.