Most beautiful coral reefs in the world

coral reefs
coral reefs

Definition, what are they and where are the best reefs in the world, characteristics of each reef.

Meaning reef

Coral reefs are one of the most precious treasures of the sea, underwater rock formations due to sedimentation of calcareous skeletons of aquatic animals called corals. A phenomenon that over very long periods of time has created a unique environment made up of a colorful underwater world with many different fish species that are protected in the same corals that make up the reef, the English term to indicate precisely a coral reef.

The best reefs in the world

Great Barrier Reef of Australia
It is the largest marine park in the world to be declared a World Heritage Site, which covers about 2300 km and contains a wide variety of corals, fish and shellfish.

Reef of Andros, Bahamas
Andros is the island with less inhabitants of the Bahamas, here is the Reef, with an extension of more than two hundred kilometers along the east coast. Recommended a visit to the caves in the coral Petrified Forest.

Isle Grand Terre, New Caledonia
The coral reefs of New Caledonia extends for about 1300 km around the main island of Grande Terre, in waters inhabited by many types of fish.

Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua
Included in the geographic area known as the Triangle of coral, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, you can admire spectacular coral formations that boast the presence of thousands of fish and corals.

Carolina Atoll, Republic of Kiribati
In the Pacific Ocean South Carolina Atoll, in the Republic of Kiribati, it has coral formations of great beauty and colorful marine species.

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles
The Aldabra, including atoll in the Seychelles and the second in the world in size, has shallow water with rocks characterized by coral formations inhabited by fish including barracuda and sharks hammer with hundreds of thousands of varieties of huge turtles.

Barrier Reef of Belize
It is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier that from the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, it covers up south to Honduras. The Blue Hole is one of the best places where to dive to explore the underwater beauty

Sunda Islands, Indonesia
Included in the Komodo National Park of the Sunda Islands in Indonesia, there is a system of colorful coral reefs teeming with fish details, including seahorses, frogfish and octopus in two colors that stand out for the distinctive blue rings that hallmarks them .

Barrier Abrolhos, Brazil
In Brazil, near the south coast of Bahia, the Abrolhos barrier is internationally renowned for the presence of mushroom corals. This area is populated by types of fish and shellfish that are not found elsewhere.

Rost Reef Norway
The Rost Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world located in the cold waters, which extends over an area of ​​120 sq km, situated below sea level to about 400 meters. Rost is one of the beautiful Lofoten Islands, in an environment characterized by very nutrient-rich ocean currents for marine species.

Sharm El Sheikh
The coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is a popular destination for scuba divers in the Red Sea, the waters are not cold and scenarios to see are of unquestionable beauty.

Ras Mohammed
National Park and protected area located in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, and it easily accessible from the most popular tourist destinations in the Red Sea, by sea or by land depending on your preference. To admire the coral reefs and marine species.

The Panorama Reef is one of the most famous dive in the Red Sea where admire over the reef also endless variety of fish and shipwrecks.

Marsa Alam
The reef of Marsa Alam is one of the most beautiful in the world with rare species of fish, not too windy days preferred to have a clearer vision of the underwater world.

Brothers Islands
The Brothers Islands, Red Sea, offers a marine park with beautiful cliffs and rock faces. Plenty of fish and corals, visible wrecks Aida and Numidia, respectively, on the northern tip and on the northwest side of the Big Brother. The dives are recommended only for experienced divers, being frequent strong currents and high waves.

Geziret Zabargad
It is one of the best dives in the Red Sea with a coral reef perfectly preserved. Close by are some uninhabited islands, diving is not recommended for inexperienced divers.

Dahlak Islands, Eritrea
For a long time forbidden to tourism, the depths of Eritrea provide a natural spectacle that is unparalleled among fish and coral reefs. The underwater exploration, only recommended for experienced divers can adapt to unpredictable situations, offering the opportunity of close encounters spectacular.

Seychelles islands
The coral reefs are very rich, especially for spectacular diving practiced in the Outer Islands.

For those who visit the Maldives, one of the main attractions is formed by coral reefs, it is easy to meet pelagic fish such as tuna and swordfish. Very good underwater visibility that allows you to fully enjoy the wonders of the underwater world.

Andaman Sea, Thailand
The archipelago of the Andaman Islands, located in the Bay of Bengal, is characterized by beautiful backdrops, rich marine life, where you can run into big fish fishes, different especially diving at Richelieu Rock, became famous for the presence of whale sharks.