Muscat: what to see in the capital of Oman

sultan palace muscat
sultan palace muscat

What to see in Muscat, attractions and main monuments, itinerary of places of interest to visit, from the museum Bait Al Baranda to the Sultan’s Palace.

Muscat Travel Guide

The capital of Oman, Muscat, whose name means safe anchorage, is surrounded by mountains and protected by strong 17th century. In its port tourists can attend mass in the sea of sailboats local, in the central areas buy Bedouin jewelery, sipping the typical mint tea or simply walk. Muscat, once located at the center of an empire in East Africa, has always been a crossroads of cultures.

Omanis in their cashmere turbans, the Sudanese in their singlets of cotton, women from Kerala in their clothes from the colors of the rainbow, all united by a common mindset open to life, thanks to an unspoilt town with flowery paths where people linger in long afternoon siestas. In 1970, when the gates were opened to the modern world, Muscat suffered a kind of rebirth. Expanded it along the coast in sparkling white suburbs with beautiful sandy beaches and an incessant growth of tourism infrastructure.

What to visit in Muscat

Bait al-Baranda is an imaginative and informative museum, housed in an attractive and restored old villa, traces the development of the city from prehistoric to modern times.

Beyt az-Zubair: Muscat is one of the museums dedicated to the life before 1970, is housed in a beautifully restored residence, are exhibited a collection of ancient household items and a collection of daggers for ceremonial and silver jewelry, both are an excellent example of the artistic heritage of Oman.

Mutrah Corniche is an avenue that surrounds the entire Gulf, with old buildings, features balconies and domes of mosques terracotta. It ‘a very vital part of the city where it all began in the early morning with the fish market, then continue all day with souvenir shops and carpet sellers. To admire the beautiful fountains musciali 18th century overlooking the harbor. The passaggiata on Mutrah Corniche is very popular for the locals who want to enjoy the sea breeze. Good walkers may walk the entire length of the track and it is not difficult to attend the views of sardines and dolphins jumping in the waves calm Indian Ocean.

Mutrah Souk: is the old city center, souks, where there are shops that sell everything, including objects in gold and myrrh, trays and ceremonial daggers. This is the place to look for necklaces and bracelets made of lapis lazuli, coral and turquoise. Old wedding chests and wooden doors of houses in the village are some of the items on offer less portable.

Qurm Beach: is a continuous beach of white sand, embellished by beautiful shells and the presence of several species of seabirds. Extends for 20 km along it are hotels and dining establishments. In the commercial area adjacent to al-Shatti Qurum is a craft shop and a shop selling traditional delicacies irresistible chocolate-covered, the Bateels.

Sultan: even if you can not get into this gem of architectural imagination, a walk around the perimeter fence helps to realize the great protection exercised in the past by two strong Strong Al Jalali and Al Mirani, both to the Palace Sultan that the whole Muscat, regarding possible attacks from the sea.