Nagoya: what to do and see in the city of Japan

nagoya castle japan
nagoya castle japan

What to see in Nagoya, economy, customs, things to do, cultural aspects, route of the main attractions, including museums and culinary specialties.

Guide Nagoya

Nagoya is one of the richest cities of Japan and its commercial power is visible everywhere, from the beautiful modern architecture glitzy department stores. Halfway between the metropolis of Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya has excellent transport links and is the ideal base for exploring central Japan.

Nagoya is a very important center for the production and the industry are based here famous Japanese companies like Toyota and Noritake, also this city is also very active in terms of culture and nightlife.

The city hosts the annual World Cosplay Summit which attracts fans of manga and anime from around the world, who gather in the center of Nagoya with the costumes of their favorite characters. Nagoya also boasts a wealth of museums, including some excellent art museums.

Nagoya is also distinguished by a delicious local cuisine, with a large number of restaurants dedicated to serving chicken dishes, and eel sushi, a food made ​​from rice combined with other ingredients that can be fish, seaweed, vegetables or eggs.

The filling of sushi can be raw, cooked or marinated and served in various ways, resting on rice, rolled in a strip of seaweed, placed in rice rolls or inserted into a small pocket of tofu.