Nazaré holidays beach, what to see in El Sitio, sanctuary

Visit Nazaré, journey to discover the town on the ocean coast of Portugal, with the rise of the sandy beach at the old core.

Guide Nazaré

Quaint town of Portugal in ‘Extremadura Portuguese, Nazaré is developed in two urban structures clearly identifiable. Originally a fishing village, today has become a popular holiday resort, with its prime location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. According to a popular legend, in the fourth century AD, was donated to the village the statue of Our Lady, Mother of Jesus of Nazareth and from this derived the present name.

What to see in Nazaré

El sitio, which is the original center of the city, is located on top of a cliff, at an altitude of 110 meters above sea level, overlooking the entire bay below. Besides the famous Sanctuary, half of religious pilgrimages, in this part of town is the Church of Sitio, which houses the wooden statue of the Virgin made ​​in Nazaré, the region where he was born Mary Mother of Jesus.

El Sitio is connected to Nazaré beach, via a funicular. The seaside resort is located within a large bay between two headlands, with sandy beach. To signal the presence of hotels in Nazaré, a lively daily market of fish and Ethnographic Museum of Dr. Joaquim Manso, which exhibits interesting collections of tools by fishermen.