Nebraska: what to see, attractions, places to visit

What to see in Nebraska, attractions and places to visit in this state of the United States whose name means calm water reported to his Platte River.

Nebraska Attractions

Nebraska is one of the states belonging to the Confederate States of America, whose name comes from a word that has the meaning of calm water, referring to the Platte River that with its course runs through the territory of this state before emptying into Missouri.

Originally it was a very arid area of ​​the United States but later, with the great works of agricultural transformation in the sense implemented, Nebraska has come to be even one of the major states of the economy based mainly on agriculture.

Neighboring states are Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. Nebraska is composed of ninety-three counties and includes part of the Frontier Strip, namely the long border line that cuts into two parts the US going north from the borders to the borders south, having start from North Dakota and ending in Texas.

The two large geographic regions that make up the Nebraska, are basically two namely the Dissected Till Plains and the Great Plains. The eastern part of the state is the result of a strong erosion due to the movement of glaciers during the ice age that present later, retiring, have resulted in this area that stands out for having mainly to undulating hills with a very fertile soil and is called Dissected Till Plains.

Places to Visit in Nebraska

In this region are the two main cities of Nebraska Omaha and Lincoln are. As for the climate you have different areas with different characteristics ranging from a continental climate to semiarid climate going from east to west. Nebraska is one of those areas of the United States where tornadoes are more frequent.

– Lincoln is the capital of this state, in addition to being the county seat of Lancaster and the second largest after the city of Nebraska Omaha.

– Great Plains, which represent the western part of the state, are divided into sub-regions, including the Sandhills particular, that in the literary sense has the meaning of sand hills, the Rainwater Basin, the region of the Pine Ridge, the High Plains and the Wildcat Hills.

– Panorama Point, with its 1,653 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain top and is located at the boundary with Colorado and Wyoming.