Nepal travel guide, what to see from the Ganges to the Himalayas

nepal map
nepal map

Nepal travel guide, general information, places to visit, the main attractions and excursions to the highest peaks.

Travel to Nepal

Nepal is a United South-Central Asia with capital Katmandu. Despite its small size, Nepal has several climatic zones and diverse natural environments ranging from the plains of the Ganges River to the peaks of the Himalayan mountain range. The official language is Nepali and the main religion is Hinduism. Nepal borders with China and India.

The ordering of the state is that of constitutional monarchy that relies on the executive power to the king and the government while the legislative competence of the House of Representatives and the National Council against which the government is responsible.

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu, which is at an altitude of 1,350 meters, including the villages of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Pokhara is a city located in the central part of the country, near the Annapurna massif.

What to see in Nepal

The majority of tourists who make a trip to Nepal, is oriented on trekking excursions on the peaks of the Himalayas, but it must be stressed that there are also other aspects contours historical and cultural factors that should be considered.

– Kathmandu is the capital, with an old town full of elegant squares and temples. In Durbar Square, located between the river and the park Vishnumati Ratna Park, are wonderful examples of Hindu temples. Very interesting are the Royal Palace and the house of Kumari, the living goddess girl.

– Around Kathmandu
Near Kathmandu you can admire other monuments of rare beauty, which can be reached easily by hiring a bicycle, ecological means much used in these parts, or taking a taxi.

Swayambunath is also known as the Monkey Temple due to the presence of monkeys trained to entertain the tourists. In front is a block where gold is represented the eye of the Buddha, to the base instead of the wheels are containing the prayers that the faithful gathered spin as they pass.

Pashupatinath is a Hindu temple located along the Bagmati river, holy river, where it is carried out the cremation of the dead.

Dakshinkali, is the Hindu temple where animals are sacrificed in honor of the goddess Kali, very bloodthirsty.

In the valley there are also other places off the beaten path, offering the opportunity to do trekking excursions departing from the villages of Nagarkot and Dhulikhel. Other things to do are a bathroom with hot springs at Tatopani, go exploring in the forests of Pulchowki and follow paths suitable riding a mountain bike in the areas of Chapagaon and Bungamati.

– Patan is situated on the banks of the Bagmati River, not far from the Thamel district of Kathmandu. Durbar Square is the main square overlooked by the Royal Palace and the Temple brick Jagannarayan. Very charming small streets and alleys where there are shops selling brass and artisan shops where it is forged and wrought iron. Golden Temple is a Buddhist monastery guarded by sacred tortoises ensure that in the inner courtyard. Jawalakhel Zoo is the city zoo which houses many animal species typical of southern Asia.

– Bhaktapur is a medieval city to visit on foot, starting from the Durbar Square, overlooked temples rich history. Another important square is Taumadhi Tole where the Nyatapola, which is the highest temple in the valley, and Til Mahadev Narayan, a pilgrimage site.

Natural parks Nepal

– Royal Chitwan National Park, is one of the most important parks where you can easily spot the different types of animals including deer dappled, gavials, herons and egrets, rhinos, snakes, leopards and tigers.

– Himalaya is a mountain range that offers numerous opportunities for trekking, with different levels of difficulty to suit a wide audience of visitors. The paths are the usual ones of Annapurna and Everest along which are family-run inns where is offered food and lodging.

– Pokhara is a city located on the banks of a lake and close to the point of departure for trekking. Is chosen by many as a place to rest before starting a course, as there are hotels and restaurants where to stay and eat. Among the things to do in Pokhara we have neighborhood Tibetan monastery and the waterfalls of Devi.