Nevada, travel and what to visit in the state of Sierra

General information on Nevada, where it is, origin of the name, characteristics of the territory, economy and interesting places to see in the state of the US.

Guide Nevada

Nevada, located in the western part of the United States, as was part of the confederation and owes its name to the Sierra Nevada, which is a major mountain range whose name comes from the Spanish and means covered with snow.

Nevada is bordered to the north by Oregon and Idaho, on the west by California, southeast and east by the Arizona Utah. At the Arizona border is the Colorado River. This state is mostly mountainous and arid, rocky mountains with snowy peaks and comprising various desert areas.

The desert of the Great Basin includes the north and center of this state while the Mojave Desert affects some areas situated south. As regards the economy there is a consistent agricultural production made primarily of breeding livestock, hay production and potatoes, dairy items.
It also activates the tourism industry, especially with the city of Las Vegas very known internationally for being the realm of gambling and marriages quick and easy, mining, mechanics, from publishing, electronic components and prepared foods.

The Nevada is the only state in the US where it is permitted by law prostitution at home.

What to visit in Nevada

Nevada is divided into sixteen counties and has for capital Carson City, a town south of Washoe Lake and east of Lake Tahoe near the border with California, also known for being once an important center for the extraction of ‘silver of which remains today only a museum.

Some areas of the state of Nevada are reserved for military use, and they are prohibited from unauthorized access; one of them is known to be dedicated to the study of unidentified flying objects, or the phenomenon of UFO.