New Caledonia travel guide, what to see, useful information

araucaria new-caledonia
araucaria new-caledonia

New Caledonia trip, what to know and see, necessary documents, and how to get the best times to go on vacation.

Travel Guide New Caledonia

New Caledonia, an island bathed by the Pacific Ocean and part of the continent of Oceania, it was founded by Britain and France and became a French possession in 1853. Since 1864 onwards for forty years it was used as a penal colony. New Caledonia also belong the Loyaté Islands and the Isle of Pines.

What to see in New Caledonia

– Grande Terre is the largest island in the archipelago of New Caledonia, surrounded by extensive coral reefs.

– Isle of Pines, the most frequented by tourists, is characterized by a vegetation composed mainly of tall trees, including pines above.

– Loyalty Islands are located to the east of Grande Terre and include Maré, Lifou, Ouvea, Tiga, Mouli and Faiava.

– Belep Islands are small islands situated off the northern coast of Grande Terre, where you come up with the flights offered by a local company. Of note here that there are no hotels.

– Chesterfield Islands are an uninhabited archipelago in the Coral Sea at 550 km north-west of the Grande Terre.

– Noumea is the capital, well-known seaside resort with several beaches, it is located in the southwest of the island of Grande Terre and enjoys warm weather dry.

– Hienghene, situated in the north of the Great Lands, is a pleasant holiday resort where the coastal cliffs incorporate special shapes, the climate is warm and humid.

How to get

The international airport is located in Noumea La Tontouta, 17 km north-west from the center.

When to go

The best time to go to New Caledonia is during the dry season, which is between the beginning of April and the end of October. In the remaining months of the year instead of the wet season it is hot, often humid with invasion of mosquitoes.


It is not necessary to do any vaccination and the health situation is good. It’s a good idea, however, take the normal precautions of hygiene and take out travel insurance that includes medical coverage and cover any repatriation costs since there are no direct flights to Italy.