New Hampshire tourism: what to see between the mountains and the city

Holidays in New Hampshire, driving trip to visit the state of the US, the characteristics of the territory, economy and major city to see.

Travel Guide New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state located in the New England in the US named after the English county of Hampshire, bordered by Canada to the north, on the east by the Maine, Vermont and south west with with Massachusetts. On the southeastern side is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and has the capital Concord. As there are many quarries of granite rock is also called the state of granite.

Geographically it is presented as a territory mostly covered with mountains which includes the White Mountains of which the highest peak is represented by Mount Washington of nearly two thousand meters above sea level. The main rivers are the Connecticut, which marks the border with Vermont to the west, the Merrimack, and the Androscoggin ranging all it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
The economy of New Hampshire is based on agriculture, particularly cereals, vegetables and fruits; also on cattle breeding, especially cattle and poultry, fishing and the extraction of timber from the forests.

As for the industrial sector, it dominate the footwear industry, textile, electrical, food, wood and paper.

A certain importance is also the tourism sector. The major cities are Concorde, which is the capital located in the county of Merrimack, Nashua, Manchester, located in Hillsborough County and the largest number of inhabitants, Portsmouth, located on the northern Atlantic coast of the US, and Dover.