New Mexico: guide the state in the US

Trip to New Mexico, visit the territory of a thousand landscapes, parks and monuments to visit in the county, what to see in Santa Fe.

New Mexico in brief

New Mexico is one of 50 states that make up the US, is divided into 33 counties and is geographically located in the south-west. Santa Fe is the capital, located at two thousand meters above sea level, is the highest in the United States of America. The New Mexico borders with Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado.

The point of convergence between New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and is referred to as the Four Corners, which translated in Italian means the four corners. The landscape is very changeable going from deserts characterized by beautiful pink shades to the mountains covered with snow most of the year.

Many forests in the New Mexico, contrary to what is believed in the common way of thinking that suggests an arid area. The Rio Grande is the river that runs through the state from north to south, while the mountain higher the Wheeler Peak, which reaches 4,011 meters. Areas of interest are the White Sands National Monument, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, the Capulin Volcano National Monument, the National Reserve Valles Caldera and the Gila wilderness.
In Santa Fe, a city with a pleasant climate all year round, is the main meeting place Plaza de Santa Fe, where the Museum of New Mexico, housed in an old public building. In the inner rooms are relics of every kind, which I help to reconstruct the history of the country. Interesting the Indian market, where they are sold jewelry and pottery.

In the area of the square is the Cathedral of Saint Francis and the City Hall, where are the administrative institutions. The Fine Arts Museum, displays works by artists both local and foreign, to Delgado House stands out for its simplicity. In addition to the Cathedral there are many other churches to visit, including that of St. Francis, which contains within it the Madonna oldest state.

The Canyon Road, is a famous street with beautiful buildings and shops, there are restaurants where they serve typical Texan and Mexican. We then come to Camino del Monte Sol, another important road where are the major museums including the Museum of International Folk Art and the Museum of Indian Arts, which houses major Indian art objects.