New Year in Paris: what to do waiting for the new year

new year paris
new year paris

What to do for New Year’s in Paris, where to spend the last hours of the old year in anticipation of the new, tips for choosing the premises.

Where to go in New Year in Paris

In Paris, the Champs-Élysées are beautifully illuminated during Christmas and throughout the night of 31 December, their bright lights remain lit to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

In this avenue will meet a lot of people waiting for the new year together and, even if there are no fireworks, it remains the magical light show set up the Eiffel Tower.

Many people, in order to avoid the crowding that characterizes this area, prefer to opt for other places to go to greet the New Year, including the district of Montmartre, which offers a romantic panoramic view of Paris.

The restaurants, bars and clubs, organize parties and dinners with menus designed for the occasion, but it is prudent to thoroughly weigh all the rates and book in advance, in order to have a wider choice of venues.

Those who prefer a floating end of the year, may opt for an evening organized on a boat moored on the Seine, including restaurant and music.