Newcastle (England): what to visit, monuments, Hadrian’s Wall

Things to do in Newcastle upon Tyne, sights to see, walking route from Hadrian’s Wall to the castle and cathedral, including seven bridges over the river.

Travel Guide Newcastle

Located in north-east England, Newcastle upon Tyne is a city with an interesting cultural and commercial offerings. An imposing steel sculpture by Antony Gormley, depicting the Angel of the North, welcomes visitors from a hill near the town, at the entrance of Gateshead, the town across the river.

The origins of Newcastle date back to Roman times, when it was founded under the name Pons Aelius, of this period are remains of the defensive wall called Hadrian’s Wall, while the city takes its name from the Norman castle, built by the son of William the Conqueror. Today from the Castle you can admire a beautiful view over the River Tyne and its seven bridges, among them the most famous are the Tyne Bridge and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Among the historical places to visit propose the medieval Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the area of Grainger Town, the heart of the city, characterized by the architecture in the Victorian style of Grey Street, Grainger Street and Clayton Street. This area was built in the nineteenth century by the manufacturer Richard Grainger, local architect John Dobson.

Moving on to the Victorian architecture Contemporanea, in Newcastle Quayside, along the banks of the River Tyne, are the old shipbuilding and industrial areas, today transformed into areas dedicated to new activities. Here are made structures such as the Sage concert hall, designed by Norman Foster, and the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art, located in an old renovated barn.