Nigeria: tour guide, what to see, monuments Abuja

nigeria map
nigeria map

Visit Nigeria through a variety landscape, between mountainous areas, hills and plains, what to see in the capital Abuja and Millennium Park.

Travel in Nigeria

Nigeria is african state with the largest number of inhabitants, it is located in the north-eastern Gulf of Guinea, bordering Niger, Chad, Benin, Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea. Its capital Abuja is a city located in the center of the nation.

The territory of the country is divided into states and part of the British Commonwealth.
The main religion is Muslim.

The subsoil resources are significant with the presence of many oil fields and the ground is very fertile thanks to the abundance of waterways.
Unfortunately there are still important internal tensions between different ethnic groups that represent an obstacle economic development in this African state.

Capital Abuja was created in 1976 at the point where there was first a village.
It was design by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.

Millennium Park is one of the places most frequented by the population, it is a lush green area,
devoted to leisure and holidays, to spend a few hours outdoors, designed by Italian Manfredi Nicoletti.
Other notable landmarks are the National Mosque and the University.