Nile Cruise: what you see and boats in Egypt

nile egypt cruise
nile egypt cruise

A Nile cruise is one of the best ways to visit Egypt, especially the part between Luxor and Aswan, where the river is interrupted by the same name big artificial dam that raised the level of the river a hundred feet, giving rise to the big lake Nasser.

Boats on the Nile cruise

To navigate the Nile are used elegant traditional sailing vessels, inspired by ancient and luxurious boats of the place.

The two main types of used boats for navigation of the River Nile are sandals and dahabieh.

The sandal has a large felucca, or a boat and with low speed performance consists of two shafts at a sail, which in ancient times was used to traposrtare goods while today has been transformed to accommodate wealthy passengers in cabins with all in comfort.

The elegant Dahabieh were used to transport in the early nineteen the bourgeoisie and have always been characteristic in the long tradition of the Nile.

Sailing on these boats sailing takes place it is quiet and in tune with their surroundings drifting from the river.

During the move are made of sightseeing sites most important from the point of view of history and hiking in the desert with a few oases and villages in Egypt along with other places of rare beauty and out of the norm can only be reached through the use of this romantic means of transport on the river Nile.