Nord Pas De Calais: what to see in the region of France

In the Nord Pas de Calais, located in northern France, where there are traditional fishing villages and elegant beach resorts along the coast of Opal, combine history, culture and traditions.

Travel Guide North Pas De Calais

A Nord Pas de Calais, which is divided into two departments, the main towns are Lille, the regional capital, Arras, Calais, Dunkirk, Roubaix and Tourcoing.

This region, bordered by the territories of Picardy and Belgium, is washed by the North Sea and the English Channel that connects via the Eurotunnel with the United Kingdom.

Lille is a town famous for the Palace of Fine Arts and his old neighborhood. Interesting are the fortified cities of Bergues, Gravelines and Quesnoy, the windmills of Flanders and the famous carnival of Dunkirk.

Moreover Nord Pas de Calais region in general is considered a green very varied where nature prevails with well 3 natural parks, extending over more than a quarter of its area, invite you to stroll on foot or bicycle to discover the typical products of the ancient villages the area.

A Pas de Calais are incentivized all sports activities including especially sailing and golf.