North Cape trip: midnight sun, northern lights, tourism

Travel Guide North Cape, where is this town in Norway that is the northern end of Europe.

Northern Cape Touris

North Cape is a famous scenic spot, located in the north of Norway, which offers stunning open landscapes over the Arctic Ocean. This resort, situated on a cliff about 300 meters above the Arctic Ocean, is considered the northernmost point of Europe and can be reached easily by car through a road that crosses the characteristic arctic landscape.

Being the type climate Arctic is important to bring with you warm clothing. Since most of the year covered by snow, the best times to visit the North Cape in Norway are between the months of June and August, where you can also attend to the phenomenon of the midnight sun, the period in which it is never completely dark.

In the period from the second half of May until the first half of August, to the North Cape you can witness the phenomenon commonly known as the midnight sun, or days when you never falls the night because the sun never goes below the horizon line keeping a twilight.

In winter, while not rising ever the sun above the horizon, for a period of 70 days or so you can admire the so-called northern lights characterized by a faint glow. The visual differences of these two phenomena are given by different physical effects of refraction that generate different color shades.