Nuweiba (Egypt): holidays, excursions, what to do and visit

coloured canyon nuweiba
coloured canyon nuweiba

Trip to Nuweiba, what to do and see in the popular Red Sea, desert tours, Abu Galum and Pharaoh’s Island.

Guide Nuweiba

Nuweiba is a town that overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba in Egypt, in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula about 150 kilometers north of Sharm El Sheikh between Dahab and Taba. The tourist area offers long sandy beaches where there are fields Bedouin tourist and a crystal clear sea. The resort is the ideal destination to make beautiful excursions in the desert.

It’s possible to reach Mount Sinai, whose summit offers a spectacular view, at the base of the mountain is the Monastery of St. Catherine, precious historic site.

The Coloured Canyon, whose walls have wonderful colors, or the Blue Desert located between Dahab and St. Catherine, with rocks covered with blue paint, the work of Belgian artist Jean Verame that intended to represent a line of virtual peace after the peace treaty signed by Israel and Egypt in 1979.

The spectacular oasis of Ein Kid, Ein Umm Ahmed and Ein Khudra. Very beautiful protected area of Abu Galum, along the Gulf of Aqaba, consisting of desert and sea, with pebble beaches that run in front of the reef and then stops suddenly in front of the granite mountains that are thrown into the sea cliffs.

Not to be missed the famous Blue Hole, a cavity in the reef with 100 meters deep and 50 meters in diameter, a popular destination for the wonderful marine environment. A short distance from the coast of Taba, by ferry, you can visit Pharaoh’s Island, also known as Coral Island.

It is a small rocky island surrounded by beautiful backdrops, known for the fascinating fortress built by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages and later conquered and reinforced by the Muslim Saladin.