Odessa: what to see, holidays in the cities of Ukraine

theatre of opera and ballet odessa
theatre of opera and ballet odessa

What to see Odessa, holidays and places to visit in this city of Ukraine from ancient history, on the west coast of the Gulf Omon on the Black Sea.

Tourism Odessa

City in southern Ukraine, Odessa, logistically speaking, it is a major hub of large lines of communication both rail and road, as well as being a major commercial port and naval base. The urban configuration has a modern look, made of large regular streets and gardens.

From the point of view of culture is home to several universities, a conservatory, a well-stocked art gallery, some museums and libraries and an astronomical observatory.

The industrial sector is mainly focused on the chemical industry, engineering, marine and petrochemical industries. Odessa was in ancient Greek colony passed successively to the Mongols, Lithuanians, Poles and Turks.

In 1791 it was annexed to Russia and from that moment began its development with the construction of the port and the railroad connection to the Russian railway network. This city of Ukraine, located near the sea, over the years has become a popular tourist destination, where the houses are low and well finished.

Places to visit in Odessa

The historic center of Odessa is very pleasant to visit, as it runs well on foot, with picturesque views and prestigious buildings in the neoclassical style.

– Theatre of Opera and Ballet, made ​​by French rococo style.

– Marina on the Black Sea, a quaint harbor of the place.

– Palace of the Prince Gagarin with an internal garden with many species of plants and a collection of sculptures, works of Ukrainian authors.

– Piazza Katirininskaja Ploshchad, is that where there is the famous staircase Potemkinskaja Iestinica, with well 192 steps, built and designed by Boffo, an Italian architect.