Orta San Giulio: what to see in the romantic village of Lake

What to see in Orta San Giulio, attractions and places to visit in the romantic village of Piedmont in the province of Novara on a peninsula of Lake Orta.

Visiting Orta San Giulio

Piazza Motta, hub of city life, overlooking the lake graced the center of the picturesque island of San Giulio, reachable by boat from the shore. The square is surrounded on three sides by buildings largely arcades, such as the building of the Community of 1582, with the ground floor all open porches.

On top of the hill stands the parish church of St. Mary of the Assumption, 1485, and behind the village a picturesque wooded hill called the Sacred Mount, houses a religious complex formed by twenty chapels dedicated to St. Francis, built between 1591 and the second half of 1700.

The island of San Giulio is home to the Basilica of San Giulio, orgine very old rebuilt in the XI and XII century with frescoes of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the Abbey Mater Ecclesiae, which currently houses a cloistered convent of Benedictine nuns. The building used in the past to the seminary, was built in 1844 on the ruins of the castle. The pleasant landscape offers very picturesque views.