Ostia: what to see, excavations, castle Julius II, the port of Trajan

What to see in Ostia Antica, brief history, attractions and main monuments, itinerary with places to visit, from the port of Trajan to the excavations, the castle Julius II.

Travel Guide Ostia

Ostia, ancient town founded by the Romans in the province of Rome, is located south-west of the capital, along the Tiber River. Ancient city there are several testimonies and in particular, public monuments, homes and places related to production activities of the time.

The city founded in the fourth century. BC was a cosmopolitan center and a port of primary importance, as evidenced by the precious remains unearthed from the excavations started since 1909. And ‘the function of the port city that determined its town planning.

The port of Ostia, built by Trajan, and the town that developed around it, began to decay in the time of Constantine and gradually disappeared under the soil brought from the river and winds. In this area, in the year 827 Gregory IV founded the present village of Ostia.

A short distance from the entrance of the archaeological excavations, stands the Castle designed by Baccio Pontelli on behalf of Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, the future Pope Julius II, built between 1483 and 1486.

The Castle is a magnificent example of military architecture of the Renaissance, and next to it is the beautiful church of Sant’Aurea, always Pontelli.