Pag: holiday island of Dalmatia in Croatia, beach

novalja pag island
novalja pag island

Guide Pag island, ideal for beach holidays in Croatia, where amusement and ancient traditions complete the tourist offer.

Holiday island of Pag

Pag island is located in Croatia, in northern Dalmatia. The island is connected to the mainland by a ferry line, which connects to Prizna Žigljen, and a bridge located in its southern end, where the island is close to the Dalmatian coast.

Page looks bleak, largely in the north east, exposed to gusts of bora, while the western side has olive trees, fig trees and aromatic plants. Among the special features of this island is the extraction of salt whose production, still active, is documented for the first time in the ninth, but almost certainly present a long time before.

It is part of the tradition also the craftsmanship of lace, which dates back to the fifteenth century when it was used as an ornament of the female costume, with examples of particular beauty. From the gastronomic point of view are renowned the excellent lamb and tasty local cheese.

Beach Pag

The island is famous for its coastline full of coves lapped by the clear sea. The closest tourist Pag Novalja is, with the nearby beach Zrce, dominated the entertainment and sports activities. The town of Pag, the island’s capital, is located in a picturesque bay where in an area where the sea is shallow, called Lokunja, is located on the seabed a layer of healing mud, whose benefits can be appreciated by making a nice bathroom.