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Travel Guide Panama, where it is, climate, history, holidays, what to visit and when you go in the state of Central America.

Panama holiday travel

The state of Panama occupies the Central and west borders with Colombia, joining in fact settenrionale America and South America. Panama is wet both from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, connected to the Panama Canal internationally famous for the transit of ships.

The territory is affected by several mountain ranges with indented coastline and numerous islands located mainly in the Pacific Ocean. The climate of Panama is of Caribbean then characterized by hot summers and rainy winters. Panama city, cosmopolitan capital of the country, is located on the Pacific Ocean entrance of the Panama Canal, the famous Canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean to ‘Pacific Ocean, the main source of the Panamanian economy.

Panama Viejo was the first European settlement on the American Pacific coast. Founded in 1519 by the Spanish conquistador Pedrarias Dávila, the site discovered in 1513 by Vasco Nunez de Balboa, was the starting point for the first explorations along the Pacific coast.

The ruins of Panama Viejo, located on the edge of the capital by modern skyscrapers, have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Casco Viejo (the old city), the town that was built in 1670 after the original center was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan. The modern part of the capital expanded since the early twentieth century when construction began on the Channel.

What to see in Panama

Boquete, a town in the Chiriqui province on the border with Costa Rica. It is located in the green and rigoliose mountains of Panama, on the slopes of the Baru Volcano, resplendent in a panoramic position, with spring-like weather all year round, unlike the plain where the climate is hot and muggy. The site offers the opportunity to make beautiful nature walks characterized by rich coffee plantations.

– Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, is located in the Caribbean Sea, can be reached from the city of Panama
by plane, in about 40 minutes of flight.
The islands have a natural environment varied, with lush rainforests, rich in fauna and flora,
sunny beaches lapped by crystal clear.

– Archipelago of San Blas relaxing with a number of islands (almost 400) along the Caribbean coast, from the Gulf of San Blas almost to the border with Colombia, a few miles from the coast. The islands are characterized by white sandy beaches dotted with coconut palms, surrounded by beautiful lagoons protected by coral reefs. A stay on these islands allows to know the indigenous population of Kuna, keepers of traditions and customs are very old, tied to the rhythms of nature. Their economy is based primarily on the sale of coconuts, fishing and tourism.

When to go to Panama

The best season to visit the State of Panama coincides with the period from mid-December to mid-April, during the dry season.